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2021 Apple iPhone 13 Killing it with amazing features : release date, price, specs and leaks

2021 Apple iPhone 13 is coming this year in September

2021 Apple iPhone 13


The new 2021 Apple iPhone 13 is coming this year, and now we’re learning a lot about Apple’s next iPhone due to leaks and rumors. Don’t expect the iPhone 13 range until September 2021 at the earliest. We are expecting a new iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Leaks and rumors keep going on, revealing everything from a possible iPhone 13 release date to a possible design, expected specs, and some exciting new features.

These include things like upgraded cameras, a 120Hz refresh rate screen, 1TB of storage, brand-new colors, and a more powerful chipset. It looks like these phones will mirror the design of the iPhone 12. And there is also a chance that we could launch the phone under the iPhone 12S name instead of the iPhone 13 moniker.

So You Want the full details of the Upcoming 2021 Apple iPhone 13. You’ll find it below where we walk you through each element of the upcoming phone. Hopefully, this article will be continually updated with all the latest iPhone 13 news ahead of the big reveal later this year.


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Expected iPhone 13 release date


The release date for the iPhone 13 is likely in September 2021, and we expect it to hit stores on the third or fourth Tuesday of the month (which makes it September 14th or 24th).

Before 2020, Apple has often announced its new iPhones on the first or second Tuesday of September. If this happens again in 2021, we expect the iPhone 13 range to come out on September 7 or 14. Although Wednesday is sometimes used, meaning it may be September 5 or 12 instead.

One analyst now expects an announcement in the third week of September this year, which means September 14 is the most likely date. Based on Apple’s general outlook we would expect pre-orders to start on September 5th, with a release date of September 15th.


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Price Of 2021 Apple iPhone 13

The only price leak regarding the iPhone 13 range suggests that the upcoming model will be priced similar to the iPhone 12 range. It is also in line with our expectations.

We’ll be sure to include more 2021 iPhone price leaks and rumors as we hear them, but below you can see prices for the iPhone 12 series that we relatively believe will be the same on the iPhone 13.

If there is a slight increase in prices this year, especially outside the US, with rumors that most of the world will get the mmWave 5G technology that the US iPhone 12 already supports. Pushing up the price in the process has been But we didn’t expect big changes.


2021 Apple iPhone 13


All leaks of iPhone 13 we know so far


Firstly, we are expecting four members of the iPhone 13 family. They are likely to be – but are not guaranteed to be – the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The company focused on three models until 2019. When it introduced the Mini model as the fourth handset in the iPhone 12 family. Most of the rumors suggest that will continue in 2021.

If a model is dropped it will probably be the Mini, as the iPhone 12 Mini reportedly hasn’t sold well, but rumors suggest that Apple will still make an iPhone 13 Mini. Below are the best pics of the specs we’ve expected for each model so far. Note that everything here is based on leaked information, and there’s no guarantee we’ll see the same from Apple when the phone is unveiled.


iPhone 13 design

2021 Apple iPhone 13

We’re expecting a similar design to the iPhone 12 family in the iPhone 13 series, but a recent rumor says, that Apple will manage to reduce the camera bump this year, as well as a matte black option for the phone’s Pro model will present, reworked from the present graphite. The notch may also change, with some sources claiming it will remain the same size as the iPhone 12, but many others believe it is more likely to shrink.

Far more sources point to its shrinking than staying the same size, so a smaller notch is likely, with one source saying that the Face ID sensor has also apparently shrunk, which Will allow a small notch. We have now also seen some leaked photos that purportedly show screen glass for the iPhone 13 range, and a small notch, which is achieved by moving the earpiece to the top bezel.

The notch here, in particular, is 26.8mm wide but it’s also 5.35mm deep, making it a bit stickier than the 5.3mm one on the iPhone 12. The mock-up also shows that the contents of the notch may have been moved around a bit, the selfie camera is shown on the left instead of the right, and the earpiece has moved to the bezel.


iPhone 13 colors


We have heard many times now that the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max may come in a matte black shade. This graphite will be a new version of the iPhone 12 Pro, but much darker. Other rumored iPhone 13 colors include rose pink, purple, and orange, although all of them are likely to sound far less, the former two coming from sources without any track records, and orange making it from the prototype stage. Don’t make it first.

This means you are likely to see more color options with some bright colors on the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini, while the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are likely to see fewer options with more cool colors like silver, graphite and is. Gold.

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Display of New 2021 Apple iPhone 13


One thing that was heavily rumored for the iPhone 12 that didn’t surface was the 120Hz refresh rate display. Rumors suggest that may be introduced on the iPhone 13. And that it will make the display smoother while playing games or scrolling through your social media feeds. That technology could also work in a similar way to what we’ve seen on the company’s iPad Pro range. Where it’s able to change the refresh rate based on the activity you’re doing on your phone.

Several rumors have suggested that a 120Hz refresh rate feature may be on the way, and this includes reports from DigiTimes as well as well-placed analysts, who have further suggested that this technology is only available on the four anticipated iPhone 13 models. Could be two of them. There’s a chance it will have an even higher refresh rate than 120Hz, as the Apple patent talks about phones with multiple refresh rates, possibly topping out at 240Hz – which is currently no mainstream phone. But patents often don’t develop into features.


iPhone full Specs & software Performance


Rumors have also suggested that 2021 could be when we see the introduction of 1TB iPhones. It’s a storage size the company hasn’t experimented with yet, at least for its smartphones, and we’d expect it to be an option on the most expensive Pro handsets.

If the processor information is correct, then this could be the most expensive iPhone ever as this handset has a lot of storage. Such an option would be more useful to professionals than average users. But for now, it’s just a prototype that Apple is testing. That means we may not see it. Especially as another source points to the same storage capacity as last year.

There have also been rumors of a portless iPhone debut in 2021. It’s a claim we’ve heard from multiple sources, but most suggest that only one model (most likely the iPhone 13 Pro Max) will go portless. Apple is trying to figure out how to reset a portless iPhone as well. The performance boost should be as it normally is every year. But we’ve heard that advanced vapor chamber cooling is being deployed to the iPhone 13 – though if it’s not ready this year, we may have until the iPhone 14. Might have to wait.


iPhone 13’s Battery Performance

The battery rumors say, that the iPhone 13 could switch to soft board technology. which could allow for a physically smaller battery without reducing capacity. Rumors have since said that the iPhone 13 may have a higher capacity battery than the iPhone 12. Kuo has reiterated that claim that Apple is experimenting with a “space-saving design,” so he’s sure it’s an improvement we’ll see later in the year.

A leak from Digital Chat Station on Weibo makes a similar claim, and it also gives us the potential battery capacity. If the leak is correct, we can see it below in each model.


Camera Of All New 2021 Apple iPhone 13

As for the camera, famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo – who is often correct about Apple’s information – has suggested that the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max’s ultra-wide cameras should be scaled to AF/1.8, up from the current f/six-inch. The element may collide with the lens. 2.4, the five-element lens on the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. We’ve heard the same change in aperture from analysts, though they claim the upgrade will come to all four iPhone 13 models. This should allow for better low-light performance – although potentially a shallower depth of field as well, which can be less desirable in landscape shots. Ultra-wide cameras are usually excellent.

As for the main camera, Kuo also claiming that it will be switched to f/1.5 aperture on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. This should improve low light performance and the bokeh effect for portrait shots. But it’s a change that apparently won’t come to the rest of the iPhone 13 range. Rumors have also suggested that all four iPhone 13 models may get a LiDAR scanner, instead of only the Pro model having the iPhone 12 range. The same site has since reiterated that claim more than once, as has another source, so it seems. That said, another source has denied this claim, so we’re still not sure.

A source has also said that all four iPhone 13 models will get sensor-shifted OIS. An upgrade for all except the Pro Max, which it already has, will get a big main lens. Another rumor also suggests that sensor-shift OIS and autofocus will be added to the ultra-wide cameras in the new phone. But possibly only on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models.


Stay tuned with us for details about the Upcoming 2021 Apple iPhone 13 LifeOnSocial

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