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All New Iphone 13 – Full Expected Specifications features and Major Updates in IOS

Upcoming All New Iphone 13 New Color Details And Rumored Features




The iPhone 13 Pro line up may introduced with a new matte black color which is darker than the graphite. Space gray options currently seen on some of Apple’s current flagship devices. This is according to Philippe Coroy’s latest YouTube video, which he describes as a “new and exclusive iPhone 13 Pro leak” created in collaboration with leaker Max Weinbach. Weinbach said that the new matte black color will reportedly be closer to the HEX color code 121212.

Koroy and Weinbach have claimed many times that a new matte black iPhone is coming. However, the pair now claims to have exclusive information that the new color will be darker than any of Apple’s color options. Their source has not been disclosed, but the information appears to be from an Apple insider.



Similarities between All New Iphone 13 & Previous Iphones




As you can see in these two images featuring iphone 13 & iphone 7. These two images reflects the color difference of black varient. The last time we saw a color that perfectly resembled a pure matte black design was the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and it’s going all the way back to 2016. Since then, the darkest colors seen in Apple’s flagship products will feature near-black-but-not-really color options like Space Gray and Graphite featured in the latest iPhone 12 Pro line up.

In his latest video, Koroy also explain that the previously rumored camera stabilization in the upcoming iPhone 13 lineup. Maker of iPhones are working on a new image stabilization system that works at all perfect frame rates and resolutions. In brief, Apple is working on something big. Let’s wait for what will we get after launch of New Iphone.


Our Opinion on the upcoming New Iphone

“We think it has something to do with theme tracking and the new version of EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization),” the leaker said in a quote posted in the video.

Other sections of the video discuss the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7, iOS 15, and more.


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