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Allegedly New iPhone 13 new leaks revealed the design of new iPhone Series

Leaks show the design of New iPhone 13

New iPhone

This year, like most years, the upcoming iPhones are probably the most frequently leaked smartphone. But while we are used to seeing renders and dummy devices of the iPhone 13 series, the latest leak is a little bit different.

Chinese smartphone case maker Benks has shared pictures of the iPhone 13 chassis model on Weibo (a Chinese social network). These are somewhat like the non-working dummy units we’ve seen elsewhere. Except they just show the estimated size of the iPhone 13 range, not a complete finished look.

This may make them look less interesting, but they are used by case makers to design cases for phones. And according to leaker Duanrui (who saw these images), this company has already developed the basis for these designs. But cases have been made, so make sure to trust them.

We are not surprised though there’s nothing particularly new here. The iPhone 13 and its siblings have been leaked extensively at this point. And most of these leaks are at odds with each other.

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Little bit different camera design for the Apple 13 mini

New iPhone

You can see from these outer bodies models that the design is similar to the iPhone 11 & 12 series. And there are seemingly four upcoming models. They could be the iPhone 13,13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, and 13 mini.

We can only see the back of the dummy model here, and the biggest visual difference from the iPhone 12 range is the camera block. Which has different lenses in the two cheaper phones. While the camera block on the Pro model looks a bit off bigger than its predecessors.

With these designs appearing over and over again we’re pretty confident it’s accurate. But we’ll take it with doubt until Apple makes the phone official. It could be in September Brief, this smartphone will be going to be an absolute powerful flagship.


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