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Amorous Valentines Day SMS In Bengali : Show Love To Your Loved Ones With Latest Bangla Quotes

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With These Gift Idea’s & Valentines Day Quotes

Valentines Day SMS In Bengali

We are here with all the latest and updated Valentines Day SMS In Bengali Language. Valentines Day, Valentine’s Day, whatever you call Valentine’s Day. February 14th is actually the day of love. Searching for History of Valentines Day SMS In Bengali will give you a lot of information. In other words, you can find out the history of Valentine’s Day in Bengali(Bangla). The history of Valentine’s Day will really fascinate you. You must be wondering how to celebrate Valentines Day Celebration Ideas in Kolkata.


What could be unique Valentine’s Day Ideas & Valentines Day SMS in Bengali. In fact, if you want in Kolkata, you can celebrate this day in a different way. You can absolutely surprise your partner and explain to him what love is. You can remember the experience of Valentine’s Day in Kolkata. We tried to give some ideas about that. Where you can explain the history of Valentine’s Day to the people you love.

If he is a man from another province, that is, if his mother tongue is not Bengali. He can easily explain the love of Bengali. Valentine’s Day gift must be unique. You will also get ideas on how to celebrate Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas. And last but not least, the headline made you say Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentines Day Quotes And SMS In Bangla(14 Feb 2022)

Valentines Day SMS In Bengali

To hear what is unspoken,
ito see what is invisible,
to feel without even touching..
is the miracle called “friendship”


Hi Friendship is a nearest your heart and a pray are god you are a very very honorable in the world.

lokathile ettavum valiya heart surgon neeyanu.. karanam oru murivu polumillathe, orittu rakham polum
cheethathe nee enthe hrydyathil kayariyunnalloo…..


I Don’t Want Hundred Lives
But One Life Is Enough For Me
To Get All Those Success
If You Are With Me.
Thanks For All Help
You Have Done And Wishing
You A Happy Friendship Day


Vulte Pari Tomai Aami,
Jeidin Jabo Chole,
Ei Prithibhi Chere Jabo Nilakaser Kole,
Vabbe Sedin Apod Gache,
Besh Hoyeche Jak,
Jala Jantroner Pagol Ta Nil Akasei Tha.
Happy Friendship Day


Hariye geche onek ki6ui sokal thake rat,
lHariye geche pasaapasi aakre dhora haat,
Hariye geche prothom preme tukro hoye mon,
Cholte cholte hariye geche bondhu kotojon.


Tumi akhon bondhu…Amar khub dear.
Amake rakho tomar ridoyer near.
God chara kaoke tumi…korona fear.
Dekhbe jibone tomar…Asbe na tear.


Life is so short, so follow some rules, Forgive quickly,believe slowly love truly laugh loudly and never avoid any thing that makes u smile.


Oru vasantha kalam,
bhoomiyil niraye pookal parimalam parathunnu.
padathu kunji kilikal virunnu vannu
aa pular kalathu nee ente veetilekku vannu .
.appol njan ente vathil ninakkai turannu.
ninte kaikal ente nere neendu vannu..


Friends Are Like Fishes,
You Have To Sit And Wait
For A Long Time Before
Catching A Good One,
The Same Way I Caught You,
So Better Be Good Or Else I Will Fry You.

Valentines Day SMS In Bengali & Shayari 2022

Valentines day SMS In Bengali

Joto bhalobasa peyechi tomar kach thake;
Dustu aii mon chai aro besi pete;
ki jani tomar modhe ki achhe;
ke mon chai tomake aro besi kore kache pete.!!
Happy Friendship Day


Tumi akhon bondhu…Amar khub dear.
Amake rakho tomar… ridoyer near.
God chara kaoke tumi…korona fear.
Dekhbe jibone tomar…Asbe na tear.


Make your life a house your heart can live in.
With a door that is open to receive friends.
And a garden full of memories..
of many good things.


True friendship is like a degree that finish within 3-or-4, it’s a lifetime course but not just to study but also to feel & also to live…


A Zulu girl got a new boyfriend. When the boyfriend put on a condom the girl phoned her mother and told her


Tom And Jerry
A Small Number Of Relationships Are Similar
To The Relationship Of Tom And Jerry.

They Make Fun Of Each Other,
Hammer Down Each Other,
Annoy Each Other;

They Cannot Live Exclusive Of Each Other.


Boiche jhor baire tao mon keno santo,
tahole ki laglo go ei mone bosonto,
khujhechi jare chiro din,
seo ki amay khujte khujte klanto,
jawab nei tao mon keno santo
Happy Friendship Day


Raat sundor chad utle,
Dine sundor surjo utle,
Sopno sundor puro hole,
Jibone sundor tumaar moto bondo takle…

Quotes,SMS,Wishes,Msg,Poetry & Shayari For Valentines Day 2022

Hariya jabo jadin ami,
Porbe amai mone,,
ek fota jol asthe dio,,,
tomar choker kone,,,,
sedin jotoi dakbe amai,,,,,
debona sara ami!bappa_2u
thakbo ami nil akasher,,,,,,,,,,,,
chotto ekta tara hoye!!!!!!!


Friendship and love are the two most precious things ,if we have to select any one it is very difficult ,bcoz friendship is the base 4 love


Ninnkkaay 10 Ummakal
Pinna enda umma onumkudy ninda vallumma


Best Friends Are Like Good Books.
They Are Source Of Stories Of Life Experiences,
Stories Of Failures And Success
And Stories Of Love And Heartbreaks.
Like Books,
They Are Real Companion In Our Solitude Times.


Sopno’ holo chokher sathi.
Nil jonaki rater bati.
Mon holo ek mayabi pakhi.
R Bondhu holo suk- dukher sathi
Happy Friendship Day


Phool er sugondho thakook tomaar saathe,
Surya er alo thakook tomaar saathe,
Tomar hasi thakook sob somay tomaar saathe,
R tumi amar saathe thek


usually I send sms to people who are either very Good,very close very special,But in in your case I m making an exception b/C u are all the three!!!!

More Bangla Love SMS For GF & BF

Valentines Day SMS In Bengali

Na jena na suna kokhono,Diyo nako mon.
Valo kore aage take jane nao,Sa kamon doron.
Aabeg ta komia aalap ta jomia aage jena nao tar vator goron..Pore dio Mon!


Remember The Day We Met?
The First Day At College!
From Then On,
So Many Years Passed By,
But You Were There With Me,
Whenever I Needed You.
Thanks A Lot Buddy!


Jaani naa k kal kothai robe
Ki pabe ar ki harabe
Diner shese jokhon eshe
Chobe aamay dhusor alo
Bhabo aami ekla bose bappa to u
Bondhoora sob ache bhalo


In this WORLD,
where everything seems UNCERTAIN,
only one thing is DEFINITE.
You’ll always be my FRIEND,
beyond WORDS,
ibeyond TIME &
beyond DISTANCE!




Tumar Satha Tanki Maira Manibag Faka,
Mase Mase Goccha Dilam Hazar Pachek Taka.
Akhon Tumi Kaita Poro Amai System Koira?
Eccha Kora Size koira Day Bondo Tura Doira!


Life Becomes A Party
When I Am With You.

Tears Turn Into Smiles
When I Am With You.

Though You Make Me Spend A Lot,
But That Is Worth Having You.
Take Care my Friend


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