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Best Tesla Rival Lucid Air Sedan Comes with ADAS Features, Specification

Read before you buy Dream Drive Lucid Air Sedan Specification

Lucid Motors is ready to launch its first car Lucid Air to raise the competition against Tesla Motors. In Last 2 – 3 years advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) in short auto pilot technology are the trending topics in the car market.

Lucid Car Air Pictures
Lucid Car Air Pictures

Most companies are investing in the EV vehicles to make the eco- friendly environment, less consumption of fuel. There are almost many big brands like Audi, jaguar & Tesla Motors already running there EV vehicles but when it comes to efficiency these big brands except Tesla hardly manage to 240 miles without charging.

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Lucid Motors Cars, Wiki, Bio, Showroom location in the World

Lucid is American brand based in California with almost 20 design showrooms and service centers only in the Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Washington DC. these Cars trending with the most advance EV vehicle with fully self-driving prototypes features, that makes the different from others company and ready to launch its first vehicle the Air sedan in the market.

Lidar feature honor goes to Audi, A7 is the first car with lidar-enabled mode a couple of years ago but its not fully autonomous. Tesla also ready to announce new cars and feature later, this year but DreamDrive could be superior to Autopilot in other ways like tracking the front vehicle with camera and showing you warning if anything wrong with the system or feature.

Lucid Air Sedan Key Features, Interior, Prices and Variant

According to some international magazines and car blogs, Lucid Lidar’s will track the object almost 150 metres with 10% reflective sensor and view of 120 degrees horizontally and 25 degrees vertically, that gave you full access of the road but Lucid reject the all the deep information provide on the Internet, it mention in short that Dream Drive feature a long-range, high-resolution lidar sensor.

Lucid Air Interiors
Lucid Air Interiors
  • Panoramic Glass Roof – This feature only comes with good luxury brands cars.
  • Autonomous driver assistance systems – ADAS is the hallmark of this car that makes the different from every other car.
  • Reclining Rear Seats  – One of the most relaxing seats ever made by the any brand.
  • Five radars that provide 360-degree coverage – Protect you and alert you every angle coverage via radars
  • Traffic Alert – Saves your time and update you time saver route all the time.
  • Driver Facing Camera – To track the every front thing moving towards the car.
  • Lane Centering Capabilities – Guide to drive car on the best path of the road.
Lucid Car Interior Pictures
Lucid Car Interior Pictures

Lucid Motors did not disclose the any prices & variant of this car maybe, they are planning to introduce everything on the launch date till then wait and see our new post and drop a comment for any suggestion. Soon all the cars launch in India with expected Price in India around Rs. 2 – 3 Crore. Tips to Tesla motors beware your biggest competitor about to launch the most advanced EV cars.

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