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Bianca Belair Vs Bayley SmackDown Women’s Championship Hell In A Cell 2021 Results Match Spoilers

Bianca Belair Vs Bayley WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship buildup


Bianca Belair Vs Bayley
WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship


Bianca Belair Vs Bayley is booked for WWE Hell In A Cell 2021. Bianca Belair Wins the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship from Sasha Banks at WWE Wrestlemania. Bayley has been making fun of the current WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion. Although Bianca Belair Defeated Bayley One on One at WWE Wrestlemania Backlash last month. In other words, Bayley stated that Bianca Belair wins by cheating. In brief, Bayley never accepts her loss from Bianca Belair.


Bianca Belair is tired of being disrespected weeks after weeks by Bayley. She finally appeared on WWE Smackdown and throw a challenge to Bayley for a WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship Match at WWE Hell In A Cell. Although she said that this time it’s not Bayley who is laughing but herself.


I am not a fan of Bayley but I am a fan of her one quality that is she is straightforward. Firstly she told Bianca Belair that after she beat her at WWE Hell In A Cell, she will be the last one who is laughing. Secondly, there are lots of chances for Bayley to become the new WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion. Because Bayley is much more prepared than ever for Bianca Belair. After all the drama between them thirdly, Bayley laughing image appeared on every single screen of WWE Thunderdome, which left Bianca with some thoughts.


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Where To Watch All The Action Of WWE Hell In A Cell 2021


You can watch this match and many more at WWE Hell In A Cell on Sunday, June 20. WWE Hell In A Cell will be streaming exclusively on Peacock in the United States and on WWE Network everywhere else in the world.

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