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Heartwarming Valentines Day SMS 2022 – You are the most beautiful thing I keep inside my heart

The heart is beating only for loved ones on this special day

Heartwarming Valentines Day SMS
Heartwarming Valentines Day SMS

Happy Heartwarming Valentines Day SMS 2022 for loved ones. Valentine’s Day is one of the most awaited days in all our lives as we deeply treasure our friends who embellish our lives even when the skies go dark. Our beloveds especially girlfriends look forward to this occasion waiting for amazing surprises as any relation always has its foundation on the strong base of friendship. Happy Valentine’s day SMS 2022.

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Different Heartwarming Valentines Day SMS 2022 (14th Feb)

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I might run out of cute graphics to send u, but I’ll never run out of this: care 4 u.


Happy Friendship day sms in Hindi –
Humne kabhi Dosti ko jana na hota,
hamari zindgi me apka Aana na hota,
yuhi akele guzaar dete zindgi ko,
agar apko Apna dost Mana na hota..


Kisi ne humse pucha
tumhare dost kya karte hain???

Humne bhi badhi Shaan se jawab diya
Black Dog,
Jesi badhi Company unske dam par Chali hain



Friendship is like a computer;

I ‘enter’ ur life,

‘save’ u in my heart,

‘format’ ur problems,

& never ‘delete’ u from my memory!

Happy Friendship Day.



Friends are hopeless people who waste our youth. However, they’re the ones who put meaning into our lives by:
Instilling confidence;
Putting affection;
And building hopes!
Happy Friendship Day, Dear Friend!



A friend is a push when you have stopped, a chat when u r lonely, a guide when u r searching, a smile when u r sad, a song when u r glad.


[____________] is box me kuch aisa likho jo hme jindgi bhr yad rhe. Apne sare frnds ko bhejo aur dekho wo apke liye kya likhte hai. Bt reply me 1st


Dakhi jo teri berukhui to..
ansoo nikal aye..
Duniya to matlabi thi..
lakin tujhe kya huwa..!!


If you need advice, text me… if you need a friend, call me … if you need me, come to me… if you need money…….. SUBSCRIBER CAN NOT BE REACHED! Happy Friendship  Day!

One Of The Most Famous Group Of Valentines Day SMS Wishes 

Heartwarming Valentines Day SMS
Heartwarming Valentines Day SMS

The heart is like a crystal, preserve it,
Love is like a perfume, spread it,
Feelings are like flood, flow it,
Friendship is like an umbrella, come let’s share it.
Happy Friendship Day!



When ur down, I’ll be there to cheer u up. When ur was tired, I’ll be there to lift u. I’ll be ur friend no matter what!


Friendship day SMS in Hindi
Kahi Andhera to Kahi Sham Hogi,
Meri Har Khu$hi Tere Naam Hogi,
Kuch Mang k to Dekh Humse Dost,
Hothon pe Hasi aur Hatheli pe ‘JAAN’ Hogi.
(‘.’)’ ‘(‘.’)
/( )\/{ }\


Teri Muskurahat Meri Pehchan Thi,
Teri Khusi Meri shaan Thi,
Kuchh Bhee Nahii tere bina Meri Jindaagi me,
Bas Itna Samaj Le,
Teri Dosti Hee Meri JAAŅ Thi……


GOD is so wise, he didn’t create FRIENDS with price tags because if He did, I couldn’t afford YOU!!! Happy Friendship  Day!


We met, it was Luck.
We talked, it was CHANCE.
V became friends, it was DESTINY.
We are still friends, it is FAITH.
We will always be friends it’s a PROMISE!
Happy Friendship Day!

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