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Intimate Valentines Day 2022 SMS – Get ready for some intimated conversations

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Intimate Valentines Day 2022 SMS

Happy Intimate Valentines day 2022 SMS messages for whatsapp. People are looking for Valentine week days wishes, status for whatsApp and Facebook status. So check out the below collection of Valentines day messages 2022 Happy Valentine’s day honor your own Friends as well as inform them exactly how unique they’re for you having a adorable as well as sincere Friendship day Information. Happy Friendship Day SMS wishes Quotes 2022 For Best friends. Propose Day Messages, Love Messages and quotes. Rose Day Quotes, Friendship day messages for Facebook.

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Intimate Valentines Day 2022 SMS Wishes For Old Couple

Intimate Valentines Day 2022 SMS

‘Birth’ is start of ‘life’.
‘Beauty’is art of ‘life’.
‘Love’ is part of ‘life’.
‘Death’is last of ‘life’…But
‘Friend’is the ‘HEART OF LIFE”


24 Sweet Hours Make 1 Sweet Day!
7 Sweet Days Make 1 Sweet Week!
4 Sweet Weeks Make 1 Sweet Month!
But 1 Sweet Friend Like ‘U’
Make My Whole Life Sweet.


True friendship is a gift that is given without the expectation of anything in return.
Friendship in itself is a reward!


Dear Friend,
You’re my 24 hour open hotline service to happiness.
I can chat, share, laugh and even offload my sorrows to you.
Happy Friendship Day!



Paigam hai ye dil se dil tak,
Asmaan k taro se samundar ki sahil tak,
Hum to saath hai khusi se Gaam tak,
Baas aap khus rahe subha se sham tak.


Best Lines By A Best Friend:
It Hurts Me Wen
U Talk To Someone Else N Not Me.. ..
It Hurts Even M0re
Wen Some1 Else Makes U Smile N I Can’t . . .


Without Communication
There is no Relationship;

Without Respect
There is no Love;

Without Trust
There is no Reason to Continue..!

Intimate Valentines Day 2022 Is Also For an experienced couple

Valentines Day SMS For GF

I like you, I love you;
I hate you, I fight with you;
lI shop with you, I party with you;
I hang around with you, I play with you;
I ditch you and I even bitch with you.
Simply because you’re very close to my heart.
Happy Friendship Day!


As time passes,the taste of your relations changes…

It either becomes more sweet or more salty
It only depends on what you add to it regularly..


If Ur Friendship Be Money, I’ll Be Richest Man.
lIf Ur Friendship Be Pounds, I’ll Be Heaviest Man.
If Your Friendship Be Love, I’ll Be Luckiest Man.
But Your Friendship Is Trust & I’m The Happiest Man.


Making friends for the complete life is not important.
But having a friend who fills up the incompleteness in your life is the most Important!


You are my best friend as well as my lover, and I do not know which side of you I enjoy the most. I treasure each side, just as I have treasured our life together.
Happy Valentine’s Day 2022!

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