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iOS 15 Vs Android 12 Battle Of Operating System Full Preview – Which OS Is superior?

iOS 15 VS Android 12 Is The New Hot Topic To Discuss

iOS 15 Vs Android 12
iOS 15 Vs Android 12


iOS 15 Vs Android 12 is the thing to talk about. From iOS 15’s revamped notifications and new Focus Mode to Android 12’s new Material U design language. Rest assured that whatever device you use, you can expect great things later this year. Google and Apple have shown us what’s coming this year with updated versions of their phone software. Both Android 12 and iOS 15 are major updates to not only the look and feel of each operating system but also how you’ll interact with your smartphone.


We will have to wait for several months for the final design of both updates. Apple iOS 15 will arrive in the fall and Android 12 is coming toward the end of summer. But we’ve seen enough from the respective preview to stat to make some preliminary decisions about these software updates. In some ways, Android and iOS are closer than ever, but in others, they’re still incredibly different.


But which one has influenced us the most? As always, the iPhone vs. Android debate hinges on your choice, but it’s exciting this year, whichever camp you fall into, you have a lot to look forward to when the update hits your phone.


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Details Of New Upcoming Android 12 What We Gonna Get


iOS 15 VS Android 12
iOS 15 VS Android 12


Google made a dent in the Android community at May’s Google I/O conference when it unveiled Android 12 and the new Material U design language. The content you see takes customization for Android to a whole new level—something that Google’s OS has always dominated iOS—and it’s a big change to the look and feel of Android as a whole.


The last time Google moved from the Tron-inspired Holo design language to Material Design, it did something drastic. This was a huge change and it spread slowly to all Google products, not just Android. Content You is an evolution of that, re-imagining how you interact with Google’s vast suite of software and hardware offerings. Android 12 is all about making your interactions with the OS easier. From incredibly gentle animations and making notifications more responsive to transitions, Android 12 looks and feels incredible.


Google is also changing how Android handles privacy in Android 12. Although it’s not at the level Apple’s promoting privacy with iOS, it’s still a step in the right direction.


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iOS 15 Full Details – iOS 15’s Revamped Notifications And More Updated Apps

iOS 15 VS Android 12
iOS 15 VS Android 12


What excited us for iOS 15 is that Apple took a look at the notification issue that prevents me from really enjoying iOS. We wish Apple would just admit that Google was on the right track and simply copy its best, but at least iOS 15 gives Notifications a necessary facelift, with larger app icons and contact photos for conversation notifications.


There’s the focus on this new approach to notifications, which is intelligent Do Not Disturb. It allows you to customize profiles for work, personal and other things. You determine what notifications come in and how your Home screen is set up. This can be a huge boon for work-life balance. iOS 15 adds sweeping changes to several apps. For example, FaceTime will see more options to make conversations more natural. The weather has a new design with more animations and infographics.


There are tons of new features coming to Maps in iOS 15 that give Google Maps and Waze a serious competitor. Even Wallet did not survive, it received support for digital car keys, smart locks, and hotel keys. Assuming you live in a supported state, you will also be able to store your driver’s license in a wallet.



iOs 15 Vs Android 12 – Which OS Is More Superior


iOS 15 is a huge update. We couldn’t even write down the full suitcase of changes here, but a slew of core parts of the operating system is getting at least a touch-up. In the case of others like Maps and FaceTime. By looks alone, Android 12 is the most impressive. It’s a total makeover and puts more customization options in the hands of the user, something that iOS Mail can’t be able to match. What your Android 12 phone looks like will be very different from my phone. It’s a beautiful thing.


But if we look at the latest feature updates in iOS 15, then iOS is a more impressive OS this year. which means your iPhone will get more powerful this fall. Trying to process what’s new in iOS 15 is hard work, while many of Android 12’s updates beyond the content are for the underlying OS itself.

iOS 15 and Android 12 both are incredibly impressive and as the months move towards the final release, we can’t wait to play with both more. That said, I think the combination of iOS 15’s sweeping changes to its core apps and services and the fact that something as old as the iPhone 6S can still run the update makes it most impressive. Android 12 looks better with giving the user more options, but Apple hasn’t pulled a screw with iOS 15.



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