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iPhone 13 full expected Specifications – release date, price, specs and leaks

Apple’s iPhone 13 is coming next spring — here’s what we know till now

iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 is months away from becoming a reality. But there’s still a slew of rumors about what Apple has planned for this year’s model. And all these details trickled in to form a surprisingly complete picture of the latest iPhone. From what we’ve heard so far, Apple’s new smartphone is set to offer 120Hz LTPO displays on both Pro models. For better battery life thanks to a more efficient 5G modem, and substantial upgrades to the all-important cameras. This includes the possibility of a LiDAR sensor on the cheaper iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, as well as a new Portrait Video mode.

As for the design of the iPhone 13, Apple hasn’t planned anything as radical as the rumored facelift for the Google Pixel 6. From this, we’ve heard that the iPhone’s notch will eventually shrink on every new model. (And yes, we’re expecting the same four models like the iPhone 12.) Rumors have suggested that at least one variant of the iPhone 13 may come with a truly portless design. We can also finally see the beautifying always-on display of the iPhone.

iPhone 13 Full Specifications & Colors – Our Predictions & what we know so far

Latest News About Upcoming iPhone 13 (June 30)

  • A new set of alleged iPhone 13 dummy units flaunts a smaller notch and a new diagonal camera arrangement on the back.
  • The iPhone 13 Pro will reportedly offer a major camera upgrade, with an ultrawide camera capable of autofocus for the first time.
  • According to rumors, Apple’s new phone will launch in the third week of September, which means the release date could be September 21


Images Of Dummy Shows A Smaller Notch

iPhone 13

We’re approaching the launch of the new iPhone 13, and now we have new photos of the dummy units on the Chinese social media site Weibo. These photos show a Pro and a non-Pro model, with the latter having the long-rumored diagonal camera lens layout. The images show a smaller notch, which is something we’ve heard about before. This would mean that Apple has minced Face ID technology and moved the earpiece. Considering how old the notched design has become, we’re excited for any changes in that regard.

In case you’re having trouble accessing the Weibo link, Twitter user Duanrui re-shared the photos on his account. They’re good pictures for once, showing off the dummy units in excellent detail. Both units come from what original Weibo users call a trusted source. This third party apparently made the same apple’s 12 dummy units last year, credit the picture here with the iPhone 13. These images come just after the previous dummy units we saw a few days ago. Nothing new from the rear here, but this new group of photos shows the supposedly small notch.

Apart from these dummy units, we are expecting some other major upgrades on the latest iPhone. Some of these include the Pro and Pro Max and 120Hz ProMotion Display with an always-on option for sensor-shift image stabilization. on the entire lineup. All four iPhone 13 units should also feature a faster new A15 Bionic chip, along with an upgraded 5G modem. Other rumors suggest that the iPhone Pro max model will get a small notch and ultra-wide camera. This means we expect apple’s new smartphone Pro model’s ultrawide photography capabilities to be affected.

Some leaked details of Apple New iPhone 13

Of course, the 2021 iPhones are expected to continue with 5G support, but a source suggests that mmWave models will be more widely available than the iPhone 12 range (which only got mmWave in the US), with both the UK and Australia ( among other places) potentially getting them. We’ve heard it again since then, with over 63% of the world’s iPhone models believed to be getting support. That’s potentially far faster than the sub-6GHz 5G that the iPhone 12 is stuck on in much of the world, but it also requires the right infrastructure and spectrum that most places don’t have yet.

While keeping up with wireless technologies, we’ve also got the idea that the iPhone 13 is going to pack some Wi-Fi 6E connectivity for even faster links to the web and cloud. This was first predicted by analysts and they have since said the same again with greater certainty, naming the obvious suppliers of Wi-Fi 6E technology.

Finally, an Apple patent details a system that allows an iPhone to track your gaze, so it can see what part of the document you’re reading and swap letters in words to other parts. Or can obscure by rearranging. Let’s hope we will get iPhone 13 with amazing features.

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