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iPhone 13 Full Specifications & Colors – Our Predictions & what we know so far

iPhone 13’s Full Specifications & Expected Colors


iPhone 13 Full Specifications
iPhone 13 Full Specifications


An iPhone’s color is the first thing you notice when looking at a new phone. This is what you’ll be staring at the whole time you don’t own your iPhone. So settling on the right iPhone colors is an important part of making a good first impression for Apple. iPhone 13 Full Specifications will be announced soon. You can understand the allure – while anticipated features like a faster refreshing display and better cameras mean improvements down the road. Of all the possible features for the new iPhones, few topics attract as much attention as what colors Apple is planning for its future phones. And it’s proving to be true once again with the rumored iPhone 13 colors.

We’ve heard some buzz about possible new colors, with some rumors being more credible than others. As the iPhone 13 launch date approaches, we expect to hear a lot more about the possible colors. Still, that shouldn’t stop us from taking in what we’ve heard about the iPhone 13 colors so far, combining how Apple handled previous iPhone releases and coming up with some predictions that models this fall. What colors are in store for Here are our best iPhone 13 color guesses, based on the latest rumors about Apple’s new phone?


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What We Know So Far About iPhone 13’s Full Specifications & New Colors

iPhone 13 Full Specifications
iPhone 13 expected Colors

Rumored Pink iPhone 13 


iPhone 13 Full Specifications
Pink iPhone 13


There is one final rumor about a possible iPhone 13 color, though it seems to be of questionable sourcing. Renders of a pink iPhone 13 have surfaced and got people talking about this bright new look of Apple’s phone. But the source of the rumor – an online phone store – seems to derive from a concept design for the iPhone 13, not a leak that can be traced back to Apple, so don’t start thinking rosy just yet.


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We Are Expecting an Orange iPhone 13


iPhone 13 Full Specifications
iPhone 13 orange color


With all this in mind, we can make some educated guesses as to what happened to the iPhone 13 colors planned for. These are subject to change, as more rumors emerge about the colors.

Let’s say the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini have half a dozen colors in fronts of them like the iPhone 12, iPhone 11, and iPhone XR. Let’s also assume that white, black, and product [red] are not going anywhere. After all the fuss Apple has made with introducing a purple iPhone 12 model this spring, we’ll assume the color will be around for new iPhones in the fall as well. You would understand that Apple would change at least one of those colors for the iPhone 13, just to refresh things. If it were up to me, I’d keep blue, but until we hear more from the rumor mill, tentatively count that pink in place of blue or green, as that likely looks like at this point.


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