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iPhone 13 specifications update – Samsung Galaxy S21 is the Rival of iPhone 13

Apple’s iPhone 13 or Samsung’s Galaxy s21 which is better

iPhone 13
iPhone 13 vs galaxy s 21

Apple and Samsung are the most dominant smartphone company in the market. Any new phone released by both manufacturers will be sustained in comparison to the flagship devices produced by its top rival. So it is with the iPhone 13 – and that phone won’t even be out for a few more months. And Know there is a talk in the market of iPhone 13 Vs Samsung Galaxy S21.

When this fall, the iPhone has its work cut out for it, should Apple earn upper hands over Samsung? That company’s latest high-end smartphone, the Galaxy S21, got off to a strong start in the spring, challenging the current iPhone 12 model for the title of the best phone overall. The iPhone will have to deliver in a big way if Apple is expected to maintain its spot at the top of our list.

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Price Comparison of the smartphone

You don’t really think of Apple and Samsung waging a price war, but it’s happened over the past year. It started with Apple slashing the price of its base model iPhones to the point where the iPhone 12 Mini now lets you be in the apple family for just $699.

Samsung may have taken note because after the S20 lineup started at $999, it slashed the prices of all three S21 models by $250. The Galaxy S21 costs $749 – the same as the iPhone 12 – while the Galaxy S21 Plus matches the iPhone 12 Pro’s $999 cost.

Keep those iPhone 12 Pro prices in mind, because you’re likely to see them again when the upcoming iPhone arrives, based on the latest rumors. Fall may change things, but right now, we’re expecting the iPhone 13 Mini to start at $699, with prices going up to $1,099 for the Pro Max.


Which Smartphone got the best Design

As the pricing section says, we’re expecting four iPhone 13 models that match the size of their iPhone 12 — a 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini, a 6.1-inch version of the iPhone 13 and Pro, and a 6.7-in Pro Max. It compares to the trio of Galaxy S21 models that Samsung released last time. In addition to the 6.2-inch Galaxy S21, you can choose between 6.7-inch S21 Plus and the 5.8-inch S21 Ultra.

iPhone 13

Preserving the glass and metal designs for the iPhone 12 Pro and S21 Plus and Ultra models, both Samsung and Apple make their less expensive phones out of plastic. This is also likely to continue with the iPhone 13 lineup, which is expected to retain the straight edges Apple re-introduced with last year’s iPhone 12.

Another thing that should stick to the iPhone 13 is the notch used to be too big for the front-facing camera and the Face ID sensor. Luckily, rumors suggest that the notch on each iPhone 13 model will be slightly smaller, freeing up a little extra screen area.


iPhone 13 vs. Samsung Galaxy S21: Display

This is the one thing where the Galaxy S21 lineup enjoys an edge over the current iPhones involves the respective displays of the devices. All three models of the Galaxy S21 have adaptive displays that adjust their display rate based on your activity. All four iPhone 12 models stick with their standard 60Hz refresh rate.

There’s no easy way to explain how a 120Hz refresh rate makes a difference when you’re scrolling through web pages. It’s a lot smoother on the Galaxy S21, which also benefits from more immersive video and gameplay thanks to its fast-refresh screen. And because the refresh rate drops when you work in more stable activities. Samsung can provide this feature while saving battery life.

The display of the iPhone 13 is likely to be leveled, at least where the iPhone 13 Pro model is concerned. The iPhone 13 Pro Max are both rumored to get their own adaptive screens, the same as galaxy S21’s. We wish the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini would join in. And as per rumors, they’ll feature the same old 60Hz screen.

The camera of Apple’s iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S21

Cameras are known as a big battleground for smartphones. The iPhone 13 vs Samsung Galaxy S21 clash should continue this. The iPhone has a few catches to offer in terms of zoom features. Both the S21 and S21 Plus have a 64MP telephoto lens in their triple-camera arrays that can provide 3x zoom; The Galaxy S21 Ultra leads the way with a pair of telephoto lenses.

Apple also doesn’t include a telephoto lens on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. This is a move that’s unlikely to change with the iPhone 13 variants, and the Pro models stop at 2x optical zoom. As per rumors the zoom features on the iPhone 13 aren’t going to get an update. Apple instead focusing on improving the ultrawide angle lenses on those phones. Look for those phones to switch to an ultrawide angle lens – the current Pro model has a lens with autofocus features.

All four iPhone 13 models are expected to launch with the sensor-shift stabilization feature. As rumors indicate that Apple enhances computational photography on the new iPhones by adding a dedicated astrophotography mode. Apple is aiming to top the Galaxy S21 for the title of the best camera phone.


iPhone 13 vs. Samsung Galaxy S21: Performance and 5G

It’s safe to call it a no-contest, even as the rumored iPhone 13 is still on the drawing board. All Galaxy S21 models are powered with Snapdragon 888 system-on-chip – the best you can find in an Android phone. And the A14 Bionic processor in current iPhone 12 models outperforms Samsung’s flagship phones. As you can see in the Galaxy S21 benchmarks we published in the spring when new Samsung phones arrive.

What to expect from the Galaxy S21 when the new iPhone is sure to have a faster A15 Bionic processor? Even if the advantage over the A14 is modest, the new Apple chip should still easily beat the Snapdragon 888 in benchmark tests. And we can bet that translates into better real-world performance for the iPhone 13 too.

Now every smartphone comes with 50g technology. So the new iPhone 13 models are going to offer 5G compatibility, similar to the iPhone 12 before them. As per rumors, the new iPhone will feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X60, which should improve the speed. Which provides 5G connectivity to the iPhone 12. The Galaxy S21 also has the X60 modem and this has helped Samsung’s recent flagships best speed among 5G devices.


The Software war iOS 15 vs Android 12


We’ve already got our first look at the software of the iPhone 13 when it will be launched this spring. Apple launched iOS 15 in June this year. Based on iOS 15 beta details, the latest iPhone will be able to share video and music during FaceTime calls. It also manages notifications through the new Focus Mode, and offers improvements and enhancements to Maps, Photos, and other apps. There are some clues as to what iOS 15 says about the potential features of the upcoming iPhone.

Just like that, we’ve seen a preview of Android 12 this year as well. Which is due out in few months, and will likely be in Galaxy S21 at the end of the year. But right now, the Galaxy S21 runs on Android 11. Samsung is now committed to three years of Android updates and four years of security updates.


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