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New Apple iPhone 13 Massive Upgrades – Bigger Batteries, Upgraded Display & Latest IOS 15

Amazing All New Apple iPhone 13 will get some upgrades that matter




All-New Apple iPhone 13 has been the topic of infinity rumors, even though Apple’s new iPhone isn’t expected to launch for a few more months. But which of the amazing upgrades would be worth paying several hundred dollars on?

Eventually, Apple’s new iOS 15 will work on all handsets going back to the iPhone 6S. And, for many people, their current iPhones are “good enough,” so Apple has to come up with something special to convince people to upgrade to the iPhone 13.

We’ve been listing the rumored changes for the upcoming iPhone series, and some are exciting. Here’s a quick breakdown of the iPhone’s upgrades that We think bring excitement.


Apple iPhone 13 Full Specifications Price


All-New Apple iPhone 13’s Upgraded Display & Touch ID



Apple will be quite late in the game here, but the good news is that it is believed to be using the same LTPO technology that is in the Galaxy S21 Ultra. This will allow the display to be dynamically scaled up to 1Hz to save power. But it can still make a huge difference in the overall user experience. The 120Hz Promotion display on the iPhone 13 will enable smoother scrolling and better gameplay as well as more fluid video playback on supported titles.

The upcoming iPhone is rumored to offer a Touch ID fingerprint sensor embedded in the display. Even as the world seems to be winning the battle against COVID, I still envision scenarios where wearing masks would be encouraged or required, such as on public transport. And being able to just touch your display to log in is a very convenient option.

Improvement in Batteries of New iPhone Series



A Chinese leaker Digital Chat station says the iPhone 13 range will have a bigger battery. That’s a big deal because, except for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the iPhone 12 battery life results on our web surfing battery test on 5G weren’t as good.

If the battery rumor is true, then the iPhone 13 mini will get a 2,406 mAh battery, which is up from the 2,227 mAh on the iPhone 12 mini. And both the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro will jump to 3,095 (up from 2,805). Lastly, the Pro Max will get a bigger 4,352 mAh battery (as compared to 3,687 mAh).


More Updates In iPhone 13 & Its Software IOS 15


As you can expect from any new iPhone launch, you can expect a new processor, and the rumored A15 Bionic should give the speed boost. But Apple already has the fastest phones around, so I don’t know how dramatic these performance gains will be. You can also expect faster 5G speeds, as the new iPhone series should get a new Qualcomm modem. The iOS 15 update also includes 5G-specific tweaks to speed up iCloud backup, photo syncing, and Apple TV Plus Streams.

Another nice upgrade is a smaller new iPhone notch. It’s reportedly shrinking on the iPhone 13 lineup but isn’t going away. Still, having more screen real estate is a good thing. We’re also hearing that LiDAR will make its way to the regular iPhone 13 and mini. So you should expect better autofocus and AR performance.


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