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New Windows 11 Announced by Microsoft – release date, features and everything we know till now

Windows 11 will be available soon – full details

Windows 11


Windows 11 is official after it was finally announced at Microsoft’s big event on June 24. Satya tells everyone at the event that this was the first version of a new era for Windows. While a very early build of Windows 11 was leaked, showing off a refreshed look and a new name, we finally see the new user interface and new features officially.


While Microsoft previously mentioned that Windows 10 was going to be the last version for years to come, which has now run for six years, with this new update there are significant features to help justify the new number. Let us find out what features we are getting.

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Some New Features added to Windows 11

Windows 11


Windows 11 includes a new Start menu, as well as a slew of new features designed to help with productivity. These include the Snap Layout feature for running multiple apps at the same time. There are also many Windows 11 desktop screens that you can personalize with your images so that you have a desktop for work.

Microsoft Teams integration is also coming to Windows 11, making it easier to make video calls across devices. It is a cross-platform app, so it works on Android and iOS as well. A new selection of widgets is coming to Windows 11, providing the news you need right now. Widgets slide across your desktop if you prefer, or you can go full screen.


Microsoft has launched a new Windows Store as part of Windows 11, which includes everything from Evernote to Disney Plus. The new Windows Store is designed to be faster and make it easier for developers to get their stuff into the store. Microsoft says you can even bring your commerce engine, which means Microsoft won’t cut it at all. Windows will run those Android apps, including TikTok. Microsoft is working App Store to bring Android apps to Windows 11. And you’ll be able to use them while doing other work.

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Release date of Windows 11

In 2015, Microsoft launched Windows 10. That means Windows 11 will launch in April next year. But we seriously doubt it will take Microsoft that long. The upcoming version of Windows is expected to be a more robust refresh than a complete overhaul. This means that the skeleton of Sun Valley is Windows 10. And with the structures already in place, we expect this next version of Windows to arrive sometime this year. Maybe Microsoft will take a card from Apple and launch it 5-6 months after its unveiling.

Microsoft hasn’t given an exact release date for Windows 11 but does plan a Livestream on June 24 at 11 am. Maybe Microsoft will launch windows 11 later in the year.


Full features of the upcoming Windows

As per rumors, it looks like Windows 11 won’t be much different from Windows 10. It’s still the same layout we’ve all become habitual to, but with a fresh leaf on the plant. For example, an image from last year suggests that Microsoft may be adding a battery usage graph to the Windows Settings app to help laptop and tablet users stay above their charge. As you can see in the above image.

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A dripped Windows 11 build, while incomplete and of questionable origin, has given us even more insight into what to expect from the next version of Windows. There are many good reasons not to install the leaked version of Windows 11 – it’s a risk that’s unnecessary, given that we’ll see an official release in just a few weeks.

Plus, we’ve already seen that and can tell you that if the leaked version is legit, we’re seeing a future for Windows that includes a focused Start menu, a new digitized menu on the taskbar, and a subtle. In addition to the return of widgets, we expect Windows to receive subtle usability upgrades such as better window snapping. A piece of good news for users with ultrawide monitors who can access more options when snapping different apps to their screens. It also looks like Windows 11 will try and mix some of the Windows 10X design – the now-defunct version of Windows 10 to compete against Chrome OS – in Windows 11.

We didn’t want a product called Windows 10X to market in 2021 as we originally wanted. John Cable, Head of Windows Servicing and Delivery, said in a blog post, “We are leveraging learnings from our journey so far and accelerating the integration of key core 10X technology into Windows and other parts of the products at the company.”

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How Much Will Windows 11 Cost

Windows 11

We expect Microsoft to follow a similar pricing strategy with Windows 10. At the time, anyone who owned a PC with Windows 7 installed would receive a free upgrade to Windows 10. For PC builders, they have to purchase the operating system separately. $100. However, it is now relatively easy to buy keys at discounted prices from other major delivery websites.

But, if the prices are the same as you can see in the image above. It will cost $149 for personal use, $219 for Windows 11 pro, and for professional use it will cost you around $319 to $450.

It looks like Microsoft now knows that the power of Windows was omnipresent. Moving everyone to the new OS was key to how it operated its larger business strategy. Essentially, the more people on Windows 10 – and not on 7 or 8 – the better. That’s why we believe Microsoft will make the jump from Windows 10 to 11 as smooth as possible.

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Gaming & Tablet mode in 11

Gaming is now a big thing in the whole world. For some people, gaming is their only way to earn money. For Windows 11 gaming is not just in the form of an Xbox app. Lighting is a big thing, with HDR coming to devices on the new Windows.

Direct storage is also here, with key assets that can be downloaded and installed, so you can play your games faster than ever.

Xbox Game Pass is finally built in to the Xbox app, making it easy for you to access and download even more games, from Doom Eternal to soon-to-be Halo Infinity.

Windows 11

Tablet Mode has been one of Windows’ weak points for years. These tablet features could be a showcase for Windows 11, especially with Microsoft’s future Surface products. A new, numbered operating system for your upcoming tablet can be a big selling point for new users in due time. Gestures are also coming to the touch-screen on the Surface model’s trackpad, making something familiar here. The touch keyboard has also been revamped, with a tiny keyboard just for your thumb, with emoji ready to use.


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