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Samsung Galaxy S22 eventually beats the iPhone in features

The processor of the Samsung Galaxy S22 may be better than iPhone’s

Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung Galaxy S22 

If leaked benchmarks are to be believed, Samsung and AMD are coming up with something great for the next Exynos mobile system-on-chip. It is also rumored that Samsung is testing a few different Exynos processors. And we may see the results as soon as the Samsung Galaxy S22.

AMD is well-known in the PC world as a rival to CPU giant Intel and graphics giant Nvidia. The company has undergone a major transformation over the past last decade. And is the driving force behind powering both the Xbox Series X and PS5.

And now AMD has worked along with Samsung to create a mobile GPU powerhouse. We’ve recently seen a few different reports about Samsung and AMD’s plans, so we’ll break it down completely for you.

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Leaked details of Samsung Galaxy S22


Trusted leaker Ice Universe shared the reputed underwater results on Twitter. The graphics benchmark showed a massive score of 7259 with an average FPS of 61.4. As far as Android phones are concerned, it is extremely impressive.

Keep in mind that not only is this benchmark coming through leaks, but it is also by a single score. Ice Universe even states that other results vary, so this figure is not permanent.

Samsung galaxy s22
Samsung galaxy s22

Another thing that Ice Universe noted is that the processor that brings these results was based on the Cortex A77 planning. This could mean that Samsung was testing GPU performance solely without worrying about the CPU performance. The processor used in this leaked benchmark may never be in the market.

The iPhone 13 with the A15 Bionic chip is coming soon before we see a chip with this new AMD GPU. Still, the difference between the scores we have for the A14 and what’s here in this leak is clear.

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More Exynos Chips are on the way for Samsung

On Twitter, Tron mentioned four Exynos variants is in the testing lab. Two of them use Cortex X1 cores, one uses the newer Cortex X2, and the last one uses the tried-and-tested Cortex A78 cores. X2 was recently announced by ARM running on Armv9 architecture. It promises a slight increase in performance compared to the Cortex X1.

There’s a lot of processor talk in these reports, but the pith is that one of Samsung’s Exynos alternate supposedly uses a Cortex X2 for gaming, and has three other larger cores. And the four are smaller, much like other ARM systems-on-chips. There is speculation that one of these Exynos chips test samples may end up as a new mid-range chip.

In addition, AMD is enhanced to provide the GPU chips for the next Exynos processor. Two prototypes have a DNA GPU with four macintoshes. Considering the success of AMD’s rDNA structure in desktop and console use cases, the mobile version shows a lot of promise. One of the other variants has a GPU with two compute units, and the final test sample sports a single mainframe.

AMD’s involvement could push the next Exynos chip to Apple-level performance, surpassing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips for graphics performance. However, keep in mind that this speculation is based on alleged leaked benchmarks. How the chip performs in real life remains to be seen.

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