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Sexy Valentines Day 2022 SMS- Sexy Couples Celebrates Valentines Day With their Own Ideas

Sexy Valentines Day 2022 is only for the Sexiest Couple

Sexy Valentines Day 2022 SMS

Happy Sexy Valentines Day 2022 to all my friends’ relatives. Friendship day is about to come & it is on 14th of Feb 2022. Every year friendship day comes on the first Sunday of July Month. This time Valentine’s day 2022 will be more prestigious because on the same day before a month ago on the 7th of July it was Eid Ul Fitr. Get every single SMS wishes quotes & text message for best friends & relatives selected from our great collection given below. Happy Sexy Valentine’s day 2022 to all of you.

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Hottest Love SMS Wishes Quotes (14th Feb)

2022 Valentines Day SMS

As time passes, the taste of your relations changes…

It either becomes sweeter or saltier
It only depends on what you add to it regularly.


One best. book is equal to hundred good friends… BUT, One good Friend(like u) is equal to a library…HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!


Best Relationship Is
When You Can Act Like Lovers
And Best Friends At The Same Time.


As a Friend:
I asked you for a leaf, you gave me a flower;
lI asked you for a stone, you gave me a statue;
I asked your a hanky to wipe my tears but you gave your hand.
Are you really…


Trust is the Base of Every Relation..
A small Mistake can change its Entire Meaning..
Missing Letter-‘T’-in Trust..
Can ‘Rust’the relation…


Meaning Of Friendship: –
E——-Eager To Mail


I am the kind of friend who will help you hide a dead body;
But if you betray me – just remember, I know how to hide a dead body!


I m not rich but I’ve a rich heart,
I’m not the best but we try my best,
lI may not bright but I’m sure,
I won’t wrong in chosin u as my friend…


Earth May Stop Rotating
Birds May Stop Flying
Candles May Stop Melting
Fishes May Stop Swimming
Heart May Stop Breathing
But I Will Never Stop
Missing You My Friend.


Frnz R D Smell Of Cigrates
Whch Stays In D
Finger Tips 4 A Short Time
Bt True Frnz R Lik D
Nicotine In D Cigrates
Which Stay In D Heart Til Death..


Valentines Day SMS For Hot Couple

Sexy Valentines Day 2022 SMS

Realtion is like a stapler,
Its easy to attach but hard 2 detach..&
Worst is when u r able to detach it,
it still leaves the paper damaged..


A single candle can illuminate an entire room.
A true friend dazzles up an entire lifetime.
Thanks for gifting me the bright lights of your friendship.
Thank you very much!


Best relations r like beautiful street lamps.They may not make the distance shorter but they light ur path & make the journey easier..


Dear Friend,
I am really sorry. lI have been ignoring you all the time. I didn’t even shake hands with you. It’s all my fault. Actually, I didn’t know…
one doesn’t get AIDS just by touching.
Happy AIDS Day!


Nice peiple r like the wind.
U will never see them,but u will always feel their presence.!! U r one of them.


Sugar melts in water.
So please don’t walk in the rain… otherwise I may lose a sweet friend like you!


Sometimes we maintain silence to protect beautiful relations but too much silence creates a distance in every beautiful relation.


Frndship is not a word,
Not simply a relationship,
It’s a silent promise which says,
‘lIT  WAS”
“I AM”
a HEADACHE 4u,4ever & ever..

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