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Stunning New iPhone 13 Preview: IOS 15 hidden features you don’t know

IOS 15 will change the experience of how you use your Stunning New iPhone 13


Stunning New iPhone 13
Stunning New iPhone 13


iOS 15 is a big update, and we’ve got an endless list of the best iOS 15 features to prove. The upcoming Stunning New iPhone 13 software update took a long time at Apple’s WWDC 2021 event. And you can find plenty of documentation about the upcoming changes to the iPhone on Apple’s website. Considering all that’s happening with iOS 15. Understandably, some features might have escaped your attention. And while not every change is as significant as SharePlay for FaceTime, re-notifications, or an overhauled Safari browser. They’re still set to make iOS 15 a better overall experience.


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The public beta of iOS 15 hasn’t arrived yet, but the developer beta is out. Which has given some folks a chance to dig deeper into iOS 15. We’ve drawn their findings and compared them with Apple’s feature list to come up with a list. About important enhancements and improvements that you might not have noticed at first.

Here are some less-heralded iOS 15 features that you should be aware of before the public beta arrives in July and the full release of iOS 15.


IOS 15 Major Update – Siri sharing things & Apple Recovery ID


 Stunning New iPhone 13
Stunning New iPhone 13


Every iOS update brings new powers to Siri, and this time around, Apple has come up with an impressive update to its digital assistant — at least on paper. We’ve already talked about how Siri is getting faster, thanks to on-device speech processing (at least if you’ve got an iPhone XR or later), but one Siri improvement that got lost in the shuffle, that is, the ability to share photos, web pages, news articles and more.

Let’s say you are viewing a photo. Ask iOS 14’s Siri to share it with a contact, and you’ll get an apology about how it goes beyond the digital assistant’s current capabilities. But iOS 15’s Siri can share that image with no problem, even recognizing which one of your contacts it is. And in iOS 15, if you ask Siri to share something on your iPhone screen that it can’t, Assistant will offer to take a screenshot and send it.


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Apple came back with the idea of ​​an Apple ID when it began selling songs through iTunes and needed a way to implement digital rights management so that only you (and some authorized guests) could play iTunes purchases. Since then, the Apple ID has grown to include every Apple service, and should you ever lose access to your password or account, you are — to use a precise technical term.

iOS 15 lets you designate trusted friends and family as your account recovery contacts. That way, if you lose access to your Apple ID, you can tap one of those contacts to help simplify the recovery process.


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Updated Camera In Stunning New iPhone 13


Stunning New iphone 13
Stunning New iPhone 13


Apple hasn’t spent much time talking about camera improvements in iOS 15—a curious omission considering how important camera features have become in differentiating the best phones. But there are improvements to iOS 15 to speak of, even before the inevitable camera enhancements coming through iPhone 13 models in the fall.

Your panorama shots should look better in iOS 15, as Apple says it’s improving geometric distortion and doing a better job at capturing moving subjects—at least if you’ve got one of the four iPhone 12 models is. Your panoramas should also have less image noise and banding. When you’re capturing QuickTake video in iOS 15, you’ll be able to swipe up or down to control zooming. It’s one of those features that require an iPhone powered by an A12 Bionic chip or later, though.


Improvements in Accessibility



Accessibility changes in iOS updates are most often overlooked. And that’s a shame because those accessibility tweaks often make the iPhone easier for everyone to use.

There are many accessibility enhancements in iOS 15. But by far my favorite is the ability to customize the display and text size settings on an app-by-app basis. The feature does exactly what it says on the label – you can enlarge text in one app while leaving it as it is in others. Another improvement that will certainly come in handy for users with impaired vision will be the ability to let you move a finger over a photo to determine a person’s position relative to other objects in that image.


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