What is Zika Virus? – Should we be worried from this virus too?

Maharashtra reported the first case of Rare Virus

Zika Virus
Zika Virus

After Kerala, Maharashtra has reported its first case of the Zika virus in the Pune district. With the infection being detected in a female patient. The woman, the resident of Belsar village of Purandar tehsil, got her investigation report on Friday. The report said that apart from Zika infection, she was also infected with Chikungunya. In brief, we have to be very careful and preventive to avoid these viruses.

According to state health department officials, the female patient has fully recovered from the infection. “He and his family members have no symptoms,” she said in a statement. According to a statement, a government medical team visited the village on Saturday.  They met the sarpanch and gram panchayat members and instructed them about preventive measures. They Ask some Common questions about the virus given below.

  • What is Zika Virus?
  • Is There any Cure for this virus?
  • Are there medicines available for this virus?
  • What Should we do to stop this virus?
  • Is this virus as dangerous as Covid-19?
  • Is there a chance of death from this virus?

We have the answers to all the questions asked. So let’s find out right now.

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Zika Virus is Transmitted through Mosquito Biting

The Zika virus is transmitted by the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito and most patients do not have symptoms. Typical symptoms include fever, body aches, and conjunctivitis and pregnant women should be more careful, the statement said. State monitoring officer Dr. Pradeep AAwte told PTI that there is no need to panic.

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He said, “Zika is a common disease as 80% of the patients have no symptoms and the remaining 20% have moderate flu-like symptoms. One can recover by drinking enough water, getting rest, and taking a simple paracetamol tablet. ” He said he had not heard of death due to Zika virus infection. Dr. Awate also said that when there was an outbreak of the Zika virus in Brazil in 2019. It was believed that infection during pregnancy could lead to the birth of babies but this link has not been proven so far.

However, we have still placed special emphasis on the need for special care of pregnant women, he added. Pune district chief executive officer Ayush Prasad appealed to the people not to panic. This case has come to light because of the proactive work of our field teams. We are working very hard to contain the spread and provide the best healthcare to the people, he said.

Kerala Become the hub of viruses

Two more tests positive for Zika in Kerala, total cases 63. Meanwhile, two more people, including a minor girl, were found infected with the Zika virus in Kerala on Saturday. Health Minister Veena George said that this taking the total number of affected in the state to 63. The minister said in a release that both the infected. Persons those infected are a 14-year-old girl. The second patient is a 24-year-old woman who was a resident of Thiruvananthapuram.

Tests conducted at Thiruvananthapuram Medical College Virology Lab and Public Health Lab confirmed the infection. She said and added that out of 63 cases, three are active and none of them are hospitalized. On Saturday, the government medical team visited the village and told them about the preventive measures. In brief, we have to take proper prevention to avoid and be safe from Zika Virus.

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