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WWE Hell In a Cell 2021 full results- Roman Reigns Vs Rey Mysterio Universal Championship

WWE Hell In a Cell 2021 Universal & Raw Women’s Championship


WWE Hell In a Cell
Universal & WWE Championship


WWE Hell In a Cell 2021 is the upcoming Pay Per View Of WWE, and it will feature superstars from raw and smackdown. which are much earlier than usual this year. But the weird big breaking news is that Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship defense has been moved to SmackDown. But we can’t ignore how the Raw Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair look to hurt each other. And when Flair fought off Ripley’s final title defense, she argued for going back into the picture and complained about how she lost without being pinned.


Roman Reigns vs Rey Mysterio Universal Championship Match Results


Bobby Lashley Vs Drew McIntyre Match & Many More Matches Preview


Hell In a Cell 2021
Hell In a Cell 2021


Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley are going at it again for the Prestigious WWE Championship, and we have to say we’re tired of Claymore King being in the title scene. Luckily, it’s a “win or stops challenging” situation that we hope Lashley has a new rival for Money in the Bank.

In other rematch news, SmackDown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair defend her title against Bayley, whose gimmick is screaming. We bet Belair stays put because there’s still more to go on for her.

Elsewhere on the cards, there’s a match between the creepy Alexa Bliss and Shayna Baszler, following the most debated ending to Monday Night Raw in years. Alexa’s demonic doll Lily was seen torturing a former MMA fighter backstage.  And this past week’s Raw, Shayna’s tag partner Nia Jax demanded that something happen.


Bobby Lashley Vs Drew McIntyre WWE Championship Match Results – Hell In A Cell 2021 Full Results


How To Watch Hell In A Cell Without any issues


While Peacock is available throughout the US and WWE Network is still the standard worldwide. The Hell in a Cell live stream can be a bit confusing. You might want to look into a VPN if you can’t watch with a service you normally use.

International audience Viewers will be very jealous, who will save up to 50% by switching to Peacock.

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