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WWE Hell In A Cell 2021 PPV Replaces Money In The Bank- Schedule Results 2021

What Happen to WWE Money In The Bank PPV


As per WWE’s Schedule, Hell In A Cell mostly take place in October or later in the year. But now this time WWE is shaking things up and down. Instead of Money In The Bank, the next WWE pay-per-view will be “Hell In A Cell” and coming from the Thunder Dome on 20th June 2021. WWE could be looking to bring back live fans in attendance as soon as possible. May be that’s why Money In The Bank was replaced by this PPV. Money In The Bank PPV would be a fitting choice to welcome live audience back. Excitement level in Money in the bank is way higher than Hell In The Cell.

hell in a cell 2021
hell in a cell 2021 results

About WWE Hell In A Cell 2021

This is the very first time in the history of this WWE Pay Per View, that this event is happening in the middle of the year. Other wise this PPV always took place later in the year except in 2018. In 2018 Hell in a cell took place in September, this is very much late but as per the history of the event this time its way early. There are lots of possibility that more PPVs could be up and down due to WWE is planning to bring back live audience.  Hopefully next year the calendar remains same as it was back in the years.


Matches For WWE Hell In A Cell 2021

Matches for WWE Hell In The Cell is still not announced by WWE. When WWE announces matches they will features Superstars from Both main brands of World Wrestling Entertainment whom are Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown. One Thing is Conform that the main event of this PPV will be a Hell In A Cell Match. There could be multiple Hell In A Cell matches, one each from both main brands.


Live Streaming Of Hell In A Cell Pay Per View

WWE Hell In A Cell will be streaming live exclusively on Peacock TV on 20th June 2021. You can watch it later on WWE Network. On WWE Network not Only Hell in a cell but you can watch all old and latest WWE PPV.

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As per now this is the calendar for WWEs pay per views for 2021.
  • Hell In A Cell 2021                      20th June 2021
  • Money In The Bank 2021          18th July 2021
  • Summer Slam                              22nd August 2021
  • Clash Of Champions                   19th September 2021
  • Extreme Rules                              17th October 2021
  • Survivor Series                             21th November 2021


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