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WWE Monday Night Raw 05/31/2021 Preview and Result- No 1 Contender Match For WWE Championship

Drew Mcintyre Vs Kofi Kingston No 1 Contender Match For WWE Championship


WWE Monday Night Raw Preview
Drew Vs Kofi

When The Scottish Warrior Drew McIntyre and Kofi Kingston meet on Monday Night Raw one thing is for sure, that these two precious former WWE Champions will fight each other till last breath. The winner will get a chance to make their golden dreams come true once again. The winner will get a craved WWE Championship Belt opportunity against Bobby Lashley. The Winner between Drew and Kofi will face Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship, and it will be decided on this week’s WWE Raw. As a results of this it could be a triple threat match for the WWE Championship. In Our Opinion it should be Kofi because kofi never get his wwe title rematch.

Drew McIntyre and The New Day standout share a mutual honor but showcase their supreme prowess in last week’s fight. In the waning moments, the showdown was wrecked by an angry Champion, whose efforts to regain control of the championship. Who would punch their ticket in a WWE Hell in a Cell Championship clash and go one step closer to returning to the mountaintop?

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AJ Styles & Omos to defend the WWE Monday Night Raw Tag Team Title against Elias & Jaxon Ryker


AJ Styles & Omos Vs Elias & Ryker
WWE Monday Night Raw Tag Team Championship Match


AJ Styles and Omos will center in a WWE Monday Night Raw Tag Team title match against Elias and Jackson Ryker. The pair proved to be impressive, but Ryker and Ilyas managed to get a clever win last week. His strategy was met by a charging Omos, who chased Elias and smashed Songbird through the WWE Thunderdome video screen.

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Rhea Ripley And Charlotte Flair to be Appearing on Miz Tv On WWE Monday Night Raw

Rhea vs Charlotte
Rhea Vs Charlotte


After knowing that Rhea Ripley Will Face Charlotte Flair, the A lister invites the Raw Women’s Champion and  Charlotte on Miz Tv. It is the only time in WWE history, that both Ripley and charlotte appears together on Miz Tv. The Miz invite both of them because he want the show to be top rated.

You watch it live on USA network in United states Of America, and on WWE network everywhere else.

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