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Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 launched with under display camera even iPhone’s smaller notch looks gammy

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4’s Stunning In-display camera

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4
Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

Apple, the maker of iPhones may be planning a smaller notch for the iPhone 13. But Android makers are increasingly turning to under-display camera technology. Android makers will dismantle the need for any notch for the front camera. Can be finished – even with a punch-hole cutout. Renowned leaker IceUnivers, which has accurately reported on several smartphone leaks in recent years, tweeted this week that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will completely obscure the camera under the screen and that it will not be visible till seen focuses.

Xiaomi spotlighted the technology behind the feature in 2019. Showing how a unique Next-gen in-display camera can essentially see through the display’s pixels to capture light. Xiaomi claimed at the time that an under-display camera allows clear pictures to be taken from the front shooter without obstructing the screen in any way.

The previous Mi Mix 3 models took their own unique appeal to conceal the front-facing cameras. The back of the phone could slide down to reveal the hidden selfie cameras. Like the pop-up camera chunk seen in phones like the OnePlus 7 Pro. This was a well-kept innovation that didn’t catch on widely across the smartphone market.

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There are many smartphones just like Mi Mix 4

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

The first phone to offer an under-display camera was last year’s mid-range ZTE Axon 20 5G. It wasn’t an amazing device – and selfies aren’t that good. Still, it was a pretty cool party move, and performance is sure to improve as technology matures across the industry.

If the rumors are true, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 foldable smartphone could also feature a 16-megapixel under-display camera. However, alleged renders of the phone shared by credible leaker Evan Blass revealed that it will not be as well-hidden as the rumored Mi Mix 4 under-display camera.

Other Details related to Under Display Camera

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

However, given that we are comparing unconfirmed reports and supposedly leaked details. This is all really just hypothesize at this point. We can’t be sure if the reported specifications will actually appear in shipping versions of the phone or if the images are legit, although the leakers in question have been repeatedly cited for their accurate reports over the years.

With the iPhone 13, Apple allegedly has moved the earpiece to the upper part of the bezel, the front-facing camera has moved to the left, and Face ID sensors could see a 50% shrinkage.  It’s definitely a small notch, but it doesn’t compare to a notch at all. Granted, it’s uncertain whether Xiaomi’s under-display camera will have the chops to match Apple’s extensive Face ID system.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4
Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

Apart from an under-display camera, Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 rumors suggest that the mighty new Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus will be powering the phone. You can also get incredibly fast 120W wired charging and 80W wireless charging capabilities.

It is unclear whether the rumored Mi Mix 4 or other upcoming Xiaomi phones will be released in the United States, although that seems unlikely given Xiaomi’s previous reluctance to do business in this country.

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